Vice-President for Europe, Carlene Wynter

Carlene Wynter

Dr. Carlene Wynter has been following the Lord for most of her lifetime; she recognized the sovereignty and the supremacy of God from a tender age and committed to following his command.  Through the conscious integration of faith, learning and living, she has moved beyond cognitive learning and skill acquisition to intentional discipleship. In her daily walk, she constantly examines her academic and professional disciplines, linking events and theories studied, determining how they relate to the purposes of God; she not only analyses the scriptures but explores their implied morality and seeks to teach the practical ways of Christianity and its relevance in an ever-changing world. This drives her passion, imparting the gospel to others through teaching and evangelism.

Carlene is the president of the British Conference of Seventh Day Baptist Churches also Leader and Deaconess of the Birmingham Seventh Day Baptist Church.  Prior to her sojourn to the United Kingdom, she served in the Jamaican Seventh Baptist Conference in various capacities at both the national and local levels.

She is the loving mother of two children.