Empower Malawi: Building Brighter Futures

The Malawi Conference has a few schools and health centers and the Delegates from the World Federation sessions had the opportunity to visit Thembe and Makapwa. However, the schools and health centers in these areas need support to provide better education and healthcare services. These communities face daunting challenges in accessing basic necessities like healthcare and education. The Seventh Day Baptist Central Africa Conference (CAC) is steadfastly committed to empowering the next generation in these communities, and we invite you to join them in this transformative journey.

Healthcare: A Lifeline for Makapwa and Thembe

Imagine living over 40 kilometers away from the nearest hospital, with limited transportation and financial resources. This is the stark reality for the people of Makapwa and Thembe. Preventable diseases and injuries pose a constant threat, impacting their health and well-being.

The CAC maintains a vital health center in Makapwa. This beacon of hope provides:

Basic medical care, vaccinations, treatment for common illnesses, and maternal and child health services are readily available, improving overall health outcomes.
Preventive healthcare education: The center empowers the community with knowledge on sanitation, hygiene, and disease prevention, fostering a healthier future.

Education: Building Brighter Tomorrows

Quality education is the cornerstone of individual and community development. However, schools in Makapwa and Thembe are often overcrowded and lack essential resources. This hinders children's potential and limits their opportunities for success.

The CAC is actively addressing these challenges, however with very limited resources they need help.

Your generous support can make a world of difference for the people of Makapwa and Thembe. Every contribution, big or small, will bring them closer to a healthier and brighter future. Here's how you can help:

Donate online and make a secure donation directly towards the Makapwa and Thembe projects. Choose either a one-time donation or set up a recurring donation: Become a sustaining partner in this impactful work by setting up a monthly contribution.
Remember, even a small act of kindness can have a ripple effect, transforming lives and empowering future generations in Makapwa and Thembe.

Together, let's invest in health and education, and hope for a thriving future in these Malawian communities.

Thank you for your compassion and support.

We encourage you to explore the documents from the following links detailing the specific needs and requests of the Makapwa Secondary School and the Makapwa Clinic. There's also a Primary school in great need of support. Your understanding of their challenges will further inspire your commitment to making a difference.

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