2028 Sessions

The SDB World Federation operates as a volunteer organization, meaning that its activities are primarily driven by the dedication and efforts of volunteers who contribute their time and expertise to further the organization's mission.

The SDB World Federation relies on the generous contributions of individuals and member groups as its sole source of funding. These contributions are crucial to support various initiatives, including the upcoming 2028 sessions. However, contributions are also welcome for country projects and general operating costs. The specific date and location for the sessions are yet to be determined and will be announced in due course.

The SDB World Federation is currently in the process of planning the 2028 sessions. The exact date and location for these sessions have not yet been finalized. The organization will announce the details regarding the sessions, including the dates and the specific location, as soon as they are determined. This information will likely be communicated through official channels, such as the organization's website, newsletters, or other communication platforms used by the SDB World Federation.

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