Vice-president for Asia, Marian B. Ferraren

The executive committee meets at least once between sessions, communicating regularly through Internet. It's made up of officers including vice presidents from each of the seven regions: Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Europe, North America, South Pacific, and South America.
Marian B. Ferraren

Marian B. Ferraren was born to a Seventh Day Baptist family on May 4, 1976, in Cebu City, Philippines. Growing up, she was fond of attending various church activities and was baptized at the age of 12. Inspired by miraculous stories from church pastors and workers, she once dreamed of becoming a missionary.

Marian is a teacher by profession and taught at a private Christian school for 13 years before deciding to try her chance in a public school.

In 2012, Marian committed herself to the work of the Lord and organized her church's youth ministry. By 2022, with the help of other church leaders, she had organized both the women's and men's ministries. Marian serves as a board member in her local church, a ministry leader, and the current Vice President of the Philippine Association of Seventh Day Baptist Conferences.

She prays that God will continue to sustain His kingdom workers for His greater glory.