General Operating Costs 2023 - 2028

Donations towards General Operating Costs help the World Federation achieve its main purposes:
1. To provide increased communication among Seventh Day Baptist groups around the world.
2. To promote projects for mutual interest which will benefit from international cooperation. 
3. To stimulate fellowship among Seventh Day Baptist Christians. 

 Most of the SDB World Federation General Operating Costs fall into these categories:

  • Publications
  • Printing & Mailing (Newsletters), PO BOX
  • Travelling Expenses


An annual Week of Prayer sponsored by the Federation promotes unity of Christian spirit among all Seventh Day Baptists each January. The published prayer booklet, written by someone from a different country each year, is translated into several languages. The Federation newsletter, Seventh Day Baptist World, highlights Federation activities and news from member groups.

Executive Committee

The executive committee usually meets at least once between sessions, communicating regularly through Internet connections or airmail. It is made up of officers including vice presidents from each of the seven regions: Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Europe, North America, South Pacific, and South America. All officers currently work entirely on a voluntary basis with some expenses paid. Contributions support travel and other expenses with the goal of having each member group represented at each meeting even though that ideal is seldom achieved.


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