How to pray for SDB countries around the world (2022)

1. Angola – one church; pray for the development of more churches and leaders.

2. Australia – pray for development of more leaders and planting of more churches in areas where there are none

3. Bangladesh – one church; pray for the success of their children’s ministries, and their outreach efforts to primarily Hindu people

4. Brazil – about 80 churches; pray for continued success of their TIME Program which trains pastors and leaders

5. Burundi – about 30 churches; pray for resources to improve several of their church buildings, and to construct others where no buildings exist

6. Cameroon – pray for the strengthening of their witness and a deeper understanding of SDB beliefs and polity  

7. Canary Islands – we have lost touch; pray for reconnection with us 

8. Canada – pray for the planting of more churches both in the Greater Toronto area, and in provinces where there are none

9. Chile – pray for continued wisdom and guidance to mentor new churches in other South American countries

10. Colombia – two brand new churches; pray for the strengthening of their spiritual foundations and a deeper understanding of SDB beliefs and polity 

11. Democratic Republic of Congo - need funds for orphan ministry including the payment of school fees; pray for them to overcome the tragedy of losing two leaders to a flooding which caused a mudslide

12. Cuba – pray for church to be renewed in their relationship with us and for success of outreach to other areas of the island; pray against hostility from government entities

13. Czech Republic - need more communication from them; boldness to be faithful witnesses for the Lord in the midst of Eastern European secularism and spiritual apathy

14. Ecuador – pray for help for Sis. Andrea Pozo with the ministry of translating the Helping Hand into Spanish, and for the growth of their three churches

15. Egypt - resources for their group which consists of refugees from South Sudan and Ethiopia; favor with the government so they will be able to stay in the country and be given proper status

16. England - effectiveness for their outreach ministries and their technology initiatives; continued development of their new generation of leaders

17. Ethiopia - success of their farm and animal projects which provide incomes for some families; proper mentoring of new leaders and groups.

18. Gambia – we have lost touch; pray for reconnection with us

19. Ghana – pray for the success of their vision of planting at least one church every year, and planting at least one church in each district of the country 

20. Guinea-Conakry – we have lost touch; pray for reconnection with us

21. Guyana – pray for the development of a new generation of leaders and resources to train them

22. Haiti – pray for spiritual, economic, and political stability in the country so that worship can be without fear

23. India – pray for them to overcome tragedies of losing some leaders to COVID-19, and pray for resources to meet their needs

24. Indonesia - one small group exists there; they feel isolated because there are no other SDBs nearby; they need encouragement

25. Ivory Coast - 3 churches; they need their own church buildings, so they can stop renting. 

26. Jamaica - about 30 churches; pray for the new church planted in Old Harbour last year.

27. Kenya - trying to plant a new church and set up a conference office in Kisii, the largest city near to where most of their 30 churches are located.

28. Lebanon - one group being nurtured by Pastor Gabe Bejjani; they’re still recovering from the August 2020 explosion in Beirut, the capital city.

29. Liberia – pray for the SDB witness to be re-established.

31. Malawi - largest SDB Conference in the world; need theological training for Pastors

32. Mozambique - churches need to be organized into a Conference; pray for strong and wise leadership to navigate that process

33. Netherlands - 3 churches, mostly older people; revival is needed

34. New Zealand - 3 churches; need for more outreach ministries

35. Nicaragua - need for funds to complete the building of a ministry center, which is in its early construction stage.

36. Nigeria - need for protection from Muslim extremists and terrorist organizations like Boko Haram; need boldness to stay true to the Lord.

37. Pakistan - new field for Seventh Day Baptists; pray for effectiveness of ministries in schools and churches in Muslim and Hindu communities using the Bible as a textbook for reading; administration done by SDBs in Australia.

38. Philippines - pray for harmony among the three SDB Conferences; pray for the building of a facility to house their Grace SDB Bible College; pray for recovery from recent typhoon which did extensive damage to some SDB homes and churches.

39. Poland - pray for strong faith in the midst of great spiritual apathy in Eastern Europe

40. Rwanda - pray for their Pastors to receive government certification, so that they can also teach in government schools.

41. Sierra Leone - pray for the completion of the construction a of a well on the compound of a new SDB school.

42. South Africa - pray for revival among their churches, a new generation of leaders. 

43. South Korea - pray for reconnection in communication.

44. South Sudan - pray for the new groups which have started, and the continued effectiveness of their outreach ministries.


45. Tanzania - pray for their efforts to start new churches, and their ministry to refugees.


46. Uganda - pray for them to overcome the death of their Conference General Secretary in June, 2021; pray for their new Conference interim leadership team


47. Ukraine - pray for reconnection in communication


48. USA - pray for the success of the newest ministry, which is the appointment of Pastor Dave Stall as Church Planting Coordinator.


49. Zambia - pray for the success of their sustainable project (chicken farms); pray for the effectiveness of their outreach and church planting ministries.




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