Burundi Crisis

The SDB World Federation requests prayers and any tangible help for the crisis situation being faced by some Burundi Seventh Day Baptists. A picture of the situation is described in the article below, written by Pastor Daniel Nsubuga, General Secretary of the SDB Conference in neighboring Uganda.

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Pastor Andrew Samuels General Secretary, SDB World Federation

Recent political tensions in Burundi have increased uncertainty and fear of violence, leading to displacement in the country, with more than 100,000 people reported to have fled in recent days.

Some of the brethren of the Burundi Conference of SDB’s have found their way to Western Uganda to a sort of camp where there are refugees, and their situation is not all that good. I have gotten a couple of calls but could not respond to the calls.

Last week I sent Pastor Balwana to assess the situation and find out what we can do as the Uganda SDB conference. On return Pastor Balwana said, "their deepest needs are water, food, pads, small blankets, soap and medicines"

Pastor Fred Musisi and I are planning to go see them to assess further the situation. We are trying to solicit food and go there.  I know there are already calls from neighbouring regions and I did not expect that people will find their way as far as Uganda, but they are here with terrible needs.

We have gotten all we can with our resources; 20 blankets, children's clothes, little beans and corn. If there is any quick response to this, please kindly help us to help our brothers and sisters of a common faith. More so, we want to help the kids in the group regardless of their faith.

The near by refugee camps are in bad situation that children are dying and some times go days with no food.

You may wonder why Uganda. It is simply because the people of Rwanda and Burundi are divided amongst the two ethinic tribes; Hutus and Tutsis. The two tribes are in constant rivalry. These people could be killed in Rwanda and in Burundi. That makes Uganda a safe haven for them. But in Uganda, while its safe and peaceful for them, we have no food and accommodation. While we are struggling  for other details, I seek assistance to see that we carry at least 50 blankets, 50kg of maize, flour, rice and beans. If by God's grace we get US$800 we have locally put together US$200, we hope with US$1000, we can have a simple truck with foods for kids and the elderly as we look for another alternative, or the government of Uganda sets up a refugee camp.

Such is the situation, it is sad on my side. These people enlisted me as their posible help, so I get calls from them and also calls from local government.

May the good Lord bless you and give us all the grace to help the dying. I pray God brings unity in Burundi because with my analysis, the battle is mainly on ethnic grounds.

How I pray they do not get back to the issues of 1990s.

Yours in a blessed living hope, Nsubuga Daniel Lubuto General Secretary Uganda Conference of SDB

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