Treasurer, Garfield Miller

Garfield Miller

Pastor Garfield Miller is married with two young children. For several years, Garfield has served as Pastor at Bath SDB Church and Water Valley SDB Church in St. Thomas. He has also been serving as Co-Pastor at Greater Portmore SDB Church.

As a bi-vocational minister, Garfield has worked as a Guidance Counselor at Charlie Smith High School since 2008. Before counseling and ministry, he worked in telecommunications, cable, and wireless systems for several years.

Garfield holds a diploma in Management Studies from the Jamaica Institute of Management and a diploma in Biblical Studies from the Jamaica SDB Bible Institute. Also, he holds a Theology and Guidance Counseling from Jamaica Theological Seminary and a M.S. in Counseling and Social Work from The Mico University College.

Garfield has held many offices and administrative positions with the Jamaican SDB Conference, including the conference Missions Committee.